Sunday, February 8, 2009

Upcoming Week

The picture to the left was taken last night... late last night.  Needless to say today is a little rough.  Gwen and I have been lounging around and are going to take advantage of the nice weather and just enjoy the day! 

My legs are definitely a little more tight than I would have expected this morning but I'm guessing that running at a moderate race effort and then following that up with a brick has something to do with it.  Today will definitely serve as a "recovery day" in more ways than one.  

Looking forward to next week's schedule see that it's going to be a long week.  I have 14 hours "booked" which is one of the longer weeks that I have had thus far.  The following week is shorter time-wise but I have an aerobic time trial run, lactate threshold test on the bike, and will be setting my t-pace once again in the pool.  All in all it's shaping up to be a decent couple weeks of training.

I don't think I can overstate how ready I am to be able to get the bike out on the road.  I'm chomping at the bit and will be glad to throw in some hills and get a chance to really push myself.  Alright, wish me luck.


  1. I like how you are putting "couples" pictures on the blog. First you and Gwen, then the "it" couple of Royboy and Griff. Hope the training is going well, and you are crazy Josh, that training regime is like Michael Phelpsish... Just don't let any pictures surface of you taking a hit... It could ruin your contention for the Gold at the IM...

  2. Lactate threshold test? I don't think that's normal dude.

  3. There's no probing of the body for an LT test so I'm good with it! Once I get to that level (the probe) I think I'm calling it quits.