Monday, February 23, 2009

2007 Ironman

Watched the '07 IM today during my workout. Definitely made the workout seem to go by quickly. For those of you with short memories, or who haven't seen the '07 IM before, Macca (Chris McCormack) put the hammer down during the run and took his first victory in 6 tries. My boy Craig Alexander (who I am not ashamed to admit is one of the man crushes in my life) came in 2nd in his first attempt. Impressive!

On the women's side Chrissie Wellington absolutely dominated in her first IM on the big island. I would say that at this point she is probably the "face of the sport," as far as most people are concerned.

There were a couple of really neat "human interest," stories on this DVD. A couple of the stories that they covered were a 60-something, blind, grandfather making an attempt (success!), a guy from Georgia who didn't have any feet (He had the same set up as Oscar Pistorious... the "cheetah" runner from the paraolympics (success!)), and a 20-something who had been on the verge of death a couple of years earlier after a terrible carwreck (again, success!). I can honestly say that watching these types of stories makes training a lot easier. The montage that they do at the end of each IM DVD is one of the most crazy inspirational things there is. John Tesh's cheesy narration comes across as non-cheesy and the slow motion footage makes you want to get out and get active immediately. It's the triathlon version of March Madness' "One Shining Moment."

So, all-in-all 2007 was a great year for the IM DVD.

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