Thursday, February 19, 2009

LT Test on Bike

Just a quick one...I did my LT test tonight on the bike. It was a little rough since I had to use the road bike, Specialized POS, which felt completely uncomfortable. I felt too strectched out, really inefficient, and pretty uncomfortable in the nether regions. However, I muscled through it and I'm glad I did. Either way, my next one will be 100x better since I'll be able to use my baby...the Whisper Eclipse. I'll be getting set up with some rollers early next week. It's a little late in the season (at least it seems to me) to be getting on them, but better late than never. I need to work on my balance and this will be a great way to do so. Plus, like I mentioned earlier, I'll be able to get a speed read-out. I haven't been able to thus far because my speed sensor is attached to the front fork and the front wheel is stationary when using a rear wheel times for sure! This week has been good thus far. I'm feeling strong and don't feel like my body is breaking down.

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