Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finish Strong

So I've come to the end of another week of training. I always try to end each week the way that I end each individual workout... strong. Sunday's are my "long runs." I did 1:30 on the treadmill today which equaled out to around 8 1/2 miles. Felt strong today, didn't push too hard and didn't get too bored. I was a little worried that my knee might give me some problems today as it was a little "squishy," yesterday but it didn't act up. I definitely feel like I am fit enough to handle the training workload that I have but you never know...
On a seperate note... a couple of days ago I applied for a sponsorship from a couple of different companies. As I've mentioned before I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to ride for Whisper Cycles ( earlier this year. However, with the cost of this sport being so great I've been looking to pick up a couple other sponsors to help subsidize my costs. With that being said I heard back from Rudy Projects, (makers of sunglasses, helmets, etc.) and they offered me a limited sponsorship. I haven't yet signed the "offer letter/contract," that they've sent over but am planning on sending it back in the next couple of days so look for upcoming reviews, news, etc.!
Today I also watched the TV coverage of the Tour of California on VS (the banner above is an advertisement from TOC's website). I haven't ever really gotten into watching cycling on TV but it was actually pretty exciting. Coverage is going on for the rest of the week so I'm looking forward to following it. Check out the website for details:

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