Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Workout today was a 2:45 brick.  Felt a little rough at the end.  My knee started to feel a little puffy but once I started the run it went away fairly quick.  Not sure exactly what it was all about but I'm thinking that perhaps I didn't get enough fluids in.  I'll be experimenting with nutrition over the next several months trying to dial in my system so stay tuned!

Gwen and I went for dinner tonight at the Kellogg Manor House somewhere near Plainwell.  Dinner was really, really good.  Sitting at the house I remember hearing that not only was Kellogg a cereal magnate but also a huge promotor of sanitariums... as well as some borderline crazy stuff.  Not completely sure on that but I'll have to Wikipedia it sometime and see if I'm right.  At any rate, he did well for himself, obviously, as was evident by the beautiful house.  It was a good time and Gwen and I were able to enjoy some quality time.  Unfortunately... triathlon/training (or nursing school for that matter) is not always "for lovers," but Gwen has been very supportive and understanding and I like to think that I've been able to reciprocate.  Hope everyone has had a great Valentine's!  

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