Saturday, February 7, 2009

Snowmelt Shuffle and Brick

Pictured Above:  Gwen and I
Pictured Above:  Roy and I

Snowmelt Shuffle Race Report:

The weather today was beautiful.  Pretty rare for February in Michigan.  Perfect day for a 5K.  It was almost 50 degrees out and the sun was definitely shining.  It was really windy out today and it made running down 8th St. seem almost like you were running through a canyon.  The headwind was an added challenge for sure but it made it a little more interesting.  The run itself went pretty well... I think that it's safe to say that Gwen, Roy, and I all were fairly happy with the times that we ran.  I ended up just over 23 minutes which was fine with me.  Post race we enjoyed some breakfast at The Windmill.  No better way to cap off a morning jog than with some eggs and toast.


My brick today went really well.  Definitely my favorite type of workout.  I had Gwen take a couple of pictures so that I could get an idea of where my aero positioning is.  I have gotten a lot more comfortable in the saddle and am starting to get the position I need.  I'm feeling great now and am glad to have my workouts for the day over with.  Gwen and I are going to watch a couple episodes of Twin Peaks and then who knows... alright, off to enjoy the rest of the day!

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