Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wii Be Fit and Return from Vacation

Gwen and I returned home from vacation this morning and what a great week it was!  There was so much to do and we had such a great time I can't do it justice by writing a blog.  Needless to say though the weather was great and it was a nice chance to recharge.  I didn't work out as often as the training plan called for but I'm looking forward to a big week this week.  I have my legs back and feel 110%.  The couple of times that Gwen and I did get out and run I was able to gauge, somewhat, the effect that "hot weather," has on me while working out.  I wasn't too drained by it but am sure as ever that I'll need to be very careful making sure that I'm properly hydrated.

Prior to leaving I found out that Brooks (makers of shoes, clothing, etc.) will be sponsoring me through their "ID," (Inspire Daily) program.  I'm really excited about this opportunity and in the future I'll keep you informed of how everything is going.  In the meantime I'll be adding a link to their home page as well as the Inspire Daily page.  Take a look when you get a chance.  Also, take a look at the pages of my other sponsors and if you have any questions let me know!

I'm also posting pictures from right before I left of Jared and I "working out," with the Wii fit.  We were playing Mario and Sonic Olympics which was pretty fun.  As dorky as it sounds using the Wii provides a semi decent workout.  Don't get me wrong, there's no substitute for actually performing real exercise but I guess the Wii is a better alternative to those fitness conscious individuals than the standard video game console has been (although maybe the track pad from old school Nintendo offered a decent "workout"...).  Anyway, the pictures are pretty funny.  I have to say that we basically split our victories.  While I dominated the Track and Field events Jared was much more skilled at Swimming and Trampoline routines.  Who would have figured? 

So, like I mentioned above, this week is an important week for me to get back on track and take advantage of the break that my body, and mind, have received.  I got my rollers last week so my first ride of the week (on Tues.) I'll get a chance to try them out and will throw up some pics as well as a initial "review."  So look for updates.  We're excited to be home and are looking forward to a good week.

--As a little bit of a humorous aside here is a bit of a funny exchange that Gwen and I had via text message on Fri.  Prior to our leaving I ended up dropping my bike off at the bike shop for the week and suffered a bit of separation anxiety!  Thus, the following:
Me to Gwen:
I ended up dropping my bike off and I feel like a parent leaving their kid at school for the first time.  I am having serious separation anxiety.  I love that bike.
Gwen to Me:
yikes that's weird.  bet you love that bike more than me...
Me to Gwen:
No, but it's don't make me mad.

Obviously, I don't love my bike more than Gwen... and I don't think I'll make the mistake of joking about it again since she wasn't too happy about it.  Anyway, 'til next time...

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  1. congrats on the sponsorship! that is v. awesome ! :)