Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

It's been a great weekend and as it draws to a close I am feeling tired but more importantly I feel like I'm back on track. Since coming home from vacation it has been up and down...a great workout one day and I bonk the next or just don't have the energy to even start but after this weekend I feel re-energized.

On Sat. I had a 3:00 brick. It was the first time that I was able to get outside with my bike and it felt absolutely amazing. I rode into Saugatuck and back to our place and then cruised around the neighborhoods around here. I did about 30 miles which isn't huge but considering the time that I spent stopped to mess around with my speed sensor (which quit working) it felt pretty good. Once I started the run I could definitely feel it in my legs and was glad that it was only a 00:30 run. My heart rate was all over the place and it was difficult to keep it in the lower zones but I figure that with it still being pretty cold out, combined with it being my first ride outdoors, that this won't be a typical thing. I was all geared out with cold weather cycling clothing and the only complaint that I have is that the gloves I was wearing didn't seem to be insulated was a beautiful day out but the wind was a killer! Wasn't able to get any pictures but will do so next time out!

Today I did a 1:45 negative split run. Basically what this means is that the first half of the run was slower than the second half. I did just over 11 miles. I felt good afterwards, tired but good. I was a little unhappy about the distance which I ran...I figured I would be closer to 13 than I was but over all it was a good feeling. I was smart enough to bring a Gu with me to give me some nutrition and I brought some cash in my shoe to buy some water at the halfway point. Thank goodness b/c I needed the water! I felt kind of bad handing over a sweaty $5 bill to the attendant at the gas station...but what else was I supposed to do?

So, the weekend is winding down. Gwen is busy hammering away on some essays for school. I'm watching the coverage of the Paris-Nice race on Vs. I'm really thankful that they are covering the races this year but wish that it was not as limited (they are only televising the last stage of this race...). Loving the cycling! On a separate note they're showing a special on the Iditarod following the coverage of Paris-Nice (which for those of you who don't know is something that I'm super interested in!). So, a good day to watch a little tv I suppose. Hope everyone is doing well...'til next time...

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