Sunday, March 22, 2009

3 Mile TT (run)

Just finished up with my 3 Mile TT. I ended up running over to the nearby high school track to do this. In the past I have done my TT on the treadmill but it sort of defeats the purpose but it was winter and cold and the best I could do. Here are my splits:

Mile 1- 7:33
Mile 2- 7:33
Mile 3- 7:23

I felt good afterwards but had the feeling that I could have ran a little faster had I done a better job of warming up. This is something that I probably need to start doing in general. I don't feel like I'm anymore injury-prone when I don't warm-up (although this is the case for most everyone) but I do feel that it takes me a little longer to "hit my stride." Anyway, warm-up is the word of the week.

This upcoming week I step back up in terms of the actual hours I spend working out. This week was a little lighter because of the various TT's and "testing" that I had scheduled. Work this week will be busy as well so I'll have to juggle the two as best as possible. Gwen starts her preceptorship this week at the hospital so she'll be doing some overnights. I guess the "silver lining" of that deal is that I will have some time to workout later in the evening so I don't have to rush it in after work. Other than that today will be spent relaxing. I got about 1/2 of my yardwork done yesterday and the rest will be taken care of next weekend...our yard was never pretty but this Spring it's downright ugly. I'll have to work on that but I think that this Summer my yard will be suffering from "Triathlete Yard Syndrome" (i.e. it's going to be pretty nasty). We'll do what we can...

Alright, have a good one!


  1. nice run, josh ! // this is why it's nice sometimes not having a yard -- one less thing to upkeep .. the joys of city living!

  2. Sounds like good training Josh!

    By the way, I'm Samantha...saw your intro on the brooks id group. Welcome! And best of luck in Dearborn. I ran the Martian as my first half in 97...very doable course. Even more well wishes in your IM training.

    Looking forward to looking back in your archives. I just started tri training a week ago as a replacement to the distance running I can't do right now.