Friday, March 27, 2009

Prep. for Fisk Knob

Above are a couple of pics taken post ride.  It's funny because I can remember a time when I thought that the last thing I would ever be caught dead in were bike shorts, tights, goofy jerseys, and certainly not that crazy looking helmet... man how quickly we change our positions!  

The last couple days have been decently eventful in my prep. for the Fisk Knob TT on Sun.  I went out and drove the course to try to get an idea of the direction I needed to head, condition of the road, etc. etc.  I'm really glad that I drove the course and it looks like it's going to be a pretty nice ride.  The road was in decent condition except for a couple of spots that were pretty torn up but now that I know they are there I can prepare myself for them.

Coincidentally my scheduled workout yesterday fit in perfectly with my pre-race plans.  I did a 1 hour ride in HRZ's 3-4.  Due to the cold weather lately I haven't been wearing my heart rate monitor but am using perceived rate of exertion and that seems to be working out well.  At any rate, I averaged 19.8 MPH for this ride.  This certainly isn't going to get me onto any podiums anytime soon but it was exactly where I want to be for Fisk Knob.  

After looking at last year's results I noticed that my age group was split in 1/2 between riders who rode 20 MPH or faster and riders who were slower than this.  Obviously the first group made up the top 50% of the age group.  Thus, my goal was to be in the top 50%.  Looks like I am on track for this but we'll see how it goes.  The important thing is that I use this as a "training" race and continue to improve while working towards my ultimate goal of IMKY.  It's difficult because one side of me is very competitive and wants to go out and push myself to the breaking point every time I ride.  The other part of me is the side that realized everything I'm doing is another step towards finishing IMKY.  Ultimately I need to stick with that "reserved" mentality but it can be difficult... especially because it always seems like there is someone who you feel like you can beat out there!  But... I need to remember to be patient and save myself to race another day!

Today was another day off in my "mini-taper," and tomorrow will be a lighter workout.  I want to make sure that I have a decently fresh set of legs come Sun. while also keeping in mind that a week from now I'll be running in my first marathon!  So, there's a lot on my plate these next couple of weeks and I just need to be sure to handle it well and listen to my body to make sure that I'm not pushing beyond my limits.  The last thing I need to do is injure myself and miss several weeks of training.  That type of setback would be very difficult to deal with right now.  

So... a final note about the race.  The weather the last couple of weeks has been amazing.  BUT, living in MI one learns that you should never count your eggs before they hatch... Sun.'s forecast is snow.  Odd that my first bike race of the year will be accompanied by snow and wind!  The upside is that everyone has to deal with the weather out there... it doesn't affect just one rider!

Alright all, if you see Gwen around (or if you don't) wish her well... maybe shoot her an email.  She has been running on all cylinders, and then some, with her preceptorship beginning this week.  She has been juggling the preceptorship (3rd shift), school, her capstone, and me all at the same time.  I give her all the credit in the world for not having pulled her hair out and lost her mind by now!  Definitely a testament to how determined, smart, and strong she is...

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