Saturday, April 25, 2009

"This is Only a Test..."

Alright, this is my first attempt at using my BlackBerry to post to So, bear with me...

Today's training plans have been shot to heck! I was planning on getting a brick in this morning prior to today's festivities (Gwen's graduation!). In the end though there is too much for us to do and it looks as though training will have to take a brief hiatus. Tomorrow I'll be running in the Dunes with Roy (and possibly Gwen) and am looking forward to my first "substantial" run since the Town Crier.

Next week will be the official "Return of the Training Plan" and I'm looking forward to getting back on a "normal" routine. It has been up and down since the Martian Marathon but I'm finally back to 100%. Or at least pretty darn close!

My last post outlined some of my recent experiences on the bike. I have been feeling strong and yet, at the same time, a little slow. After sitting around and thinking about it the other day one thing I realized is that I haven't even been into my big chain ring yet! I'm not sure how much of a difference this is going to make but I have a feeling that when I get to the point where I feel like I am comfortable pushing a bigger gear I'll surprise myself!

I'm posting a picture of me wearing my sweet Eddy Merckx shirt... don't act like you aren't impressed. And, yes... I'm rocking the chin strap (the baby version since I can't grow real facial hair).

Alright... hope everyone has a great weekend.
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  1. It's a PITA when real life gets in the way of training, huh? ;) have a great weekend !