Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taper Madness and "The Grass is Always Greener"

Pictured Above:  pic from Trainer ride yesterday

Pictured Above:  Whisper Eclipse Elite (for details read below)

Taper Madness.  I had heard about this but haven't ever experienced it until the last couple of days.  Basically TM (for me) has exhibited the following symptoms:  extreme doubt, hypochondria, massive overeating, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, constipation/diarrhea (that's right... both), and the overwhelming sense of dread!  So, as you can probably tell this week has been a "peach."  On top of all of this work has been a little hectic so actually I'm looking forward to the weekend and the marathon in a big way.  The last couple of days have been easy workouts with a day off sprinkled in yesterday.  Today I did a quick loop around the block for 30 minutes and then hit the showers.  I feel alright although my knee and shins have been acting up in what I can only assume is a carry over from the TT.  Anyway I will be good to go by the time Sun. rolls around.  

Yesterday I did a really short ride on the trainer (the weather was too crappy to get outside) and I'll post a pic from that ride.  Ignore the fact that I have my shirt off... I apologize BUT you have to admit... the impulse to look away may come a little slower than it did a year ago!

On a separate note I got an email from Jim at Jade/Whisper today letting me know that he had a Whisper Eclipse Elite built up if I wanted to stop by and check it out.  Basically the EE is the newest version of my bike.  It has a little less meat on the downtube, a little more meat/"aero" design in back (where the wheel meets the frame), and it has the integrated seat post.  It's a beauty.   Despite the fact that I love my bike like crazy... these new bikes are really nice.  The picture posted shows a custom design (the Maple Leafs) as well as some new decals that Jim has worked on... obviously whomever this bike is for Jim loves way more than me!  At any rate, it looks awesome.  Alright, well that's all for the moment.  Hope everyone's training, work, and lives are going well (pick one of the three or any combination).  

One last thing... I'm going to try my best to post to Twitter during the marathon... hey, it's not like I'm setting any records out there so taking the time to "tweet" a moment isn't going to kill anyone.  Look for live updates on how it's going... I'll probably post before then and will remind anyone who cares to check it out.  Take a look at my twitter updates on the left side of this blog and add me if you are on twitter (shoot over a direct message and let me know where you found my profile!).

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  1. taper madness is AWFUL. my husband actually told me to leave the house because I was being annoying ! ... and he has the patience of a saint. I also carb loaded on a shitton of chocolate the week before. yup.

    hope you have a GREAT RACE!!