Monday, April 13, 2009


My plan today was to jump back into my training plan for IMKY.  Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned.  I was still feeling a little sore (specifically my right arch and left IT band area... my knee) and figured that I would probably benefit more from a day of rest and a massage than I would my workout.  I called and booked a massage for this evening and was feeling pretty excited.

Right before I got to my appointment my throat started to get really, really sore.  Like to the point where now every time I swallow it hurts.  I have no idea why this is but it is a royal pain (I've taken a bunch of Nyquil so hopefully it'll go away soon).  Anyway, I digress.  I let the massage therapist know that I thought I really would benefit from some focus on my legs and feet.  Thus, they did their thing and I left feeling much better.  I think that overall I made the right choice today.  Oddly enough, during the massage I got super relaxed (no, not THAT relaxed).  Twice, while face down, I realized that I was drooling all over the place.  Like huge amounts of spit falling out of my mouth.  That was a little embarrassing.  During the last 15-20 minutes of the massage I fell asleep.  That probably isn't a big deal except that when I woke up it was like when you fall asleep in class and suddenly pop your head up like you just heard an explosion... yeah, needless to say I freaked myself, and the masseuse, out for sure.  So, here I am now pounding down a bunch of water and hanging out!

My plan is to pick up my workouts tomorrow with what was supposed to be today's workout.  This will work well as there is a group ride at Jade/Whisper Cycles on Wed. that I really want to go to and although doing "3-a-day" workouts isn't anything new it isn't necessarily something that I want to do right now.  So, it will be a normal "2-a-day" workout.  I think that I've mentioned before what I do in terms of daily workouts but I'll throw it up for anyone that is interested.  If anyone would like to know specifics about workouts let me know... I've been doing "2-a-days" since Oct. and definitely feel like I'm staring to master it... or at least get the hang of it.  A typical week looks like this:

Mon.- Swim and Run (typically "recovery" workout)
Tues.- Bike and Weightlift (usually a drill on the bike (ILT, spin-ups, etc.), sometimes instead of lifting I do Yoga)
Wed.- Swim and Run (moderate time/distance usually drills in the pool)
Thurs.- Bike and Weightlift (moderate time/distance, usually a greater intensity bike)
Fri.- Swim and Run (long swim and moderate run)
Sat.- Brick or Long Bike
Sun.- Long Run

I have to admit (and I'm sure anyone who reads this blog on a semi-regular basis knows this already) but I definitely miss workouts on occasion.  I think that right now I am at about 85-90% in terms of sticking to my plan.

I saw on the Beginner Triathlete website today (in the IMKY 2009 forum) that we are now 20 weeks away from Ironman Louisville!  It's crazy that it's coming up this quickly and although I know that I'm going to be absolutely freaked out when it gets here, I'm still very excited!  Alright, off to finish "resting up" and then tomorrow it's right back at it!  Stay tuned. 

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