Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gwen's New Bike!

I had mentioned awhile back that for Gwen's graduation I bought her a couple of gifts.  Yesterday I was finally able to give her the 2nd gift that I had bought... her first road bike!  Yesterday afternoon we went into Jade/Whisper Cycles and she got fitted for her new ride.  Gwen isn't super comfortable on a bike so this gift was probably more "for me" than for her but I'm really excited to get her out on the road and riding.  There is a church down the road from us that has a massive parking lot that is set up really well for a short circuit course and that's where we'll be heading to get her started.  Below you'll find pictures of the bike... green is her favorite color and Jim hooked it up with the cool silver decals.  

So... this gift was definitely a little "selfish" for me to buy (especially since I have a pair of shoes that fits the pedals... but that's purely coincidence).  Based on that I decided to also give her another gift.  This is something that I had been planning on giving her for awhile and it seemed like the perfect occasion... 

So, ladies... which would you want?  I already told Gwen that between these two gifts I think I have the next couple of years worth of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. covered... we'll see how that works out though.  I figured worst case scenario I've at least set myself up to build up a bike or two someday!!!

Training this weekend is going to be good.  Today I was supposed to get out on a 2 HR. Brick but instead ended up on the couch (after watching the Giro online) taking a 2 HR. nap.  Looks like last night we ended up staying out a little too late.  With a bunch of our friends back in town for the holiday it's pretty hard to motivate and get out training alone but this is a big weekend for me and I need to make sure to stick to it.  That being said, because of today's missed workout I'll be bumping my "recovery day" on Mon. out of the schedule and replacing it with either the Brick I missed today or tomorrow's scheduled long run.  All in all it was worth it to have some rest today and then have a great dinner with Gwen and my Phil (my father-in-law) for Phil's birthday.  Tomorrow I'm planning on getting out early to do my workout and then in the afternoon we have lunch for my Grandma's birthday and then I'm going disc golfing with my boys Nick and Ryan... very excited for this.  That means tonight I need to be a little smarter about how much imbibing I do (always difficult when everyone is in town).  Loving life though...

Hope that everyone else is doing well.  

Later on...


  1. Congrats - I'm sure you will both be very happy!

    Also, nice ring...

  2. GREAT gifts ! (in case you were wondering, my birthday is May 8 and I like red for a pink, and diamonds on my rings :))