Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2 Days of Riding...

So I tweaked my training schedule a touch this week to accommodate the Jade/Whisper group ride tonight. In the end I think it will have been worth it especially b/c tomorrow it's supposed to rain.

Here are the readouts from my computer for the last two rides:

05/05/09- time 00:56:27, distance 18.8, avg. mph 20.0, max mph 29.5, avg. cadence 94

05/06/09- time 01:39:06, distance 32.8, avg. mph 19.9, max mph 32.4, avg. cadence 93

This week has been pretty good and I'm looking forward to finishing the week out strong. It has been crazy busy around Holland this week b/c of Tulip Time. Luckily this has meant that the roads that I bike have been less busy lately. Hopefully the same will be true at the gym/pool this week as well.

In other exciting news it looks like Gwen may have some hot prospects for a job coming up so we are pretty excited about that. All in all, things are going really well.

Thanks for checking in. More later!

Later on...
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  1. great week of training ! good luck to gwen !