Thursday, July 16, 2009


Unfortunately things have not been as productive as I had hoped they would be following the Muncie Endurathon on Sat.  Luckily, I have recovered quite nicely and would have been able to resume my normal training schedule had life not gotten in the way this week.  If it wasn't one thing, it was another; and if it wasn't another, it was just plain laziness.  That's how I have found myself sitting here on Thurs. night looking back at the week and realizing that I've only gotten one workout in thus far.  It's always a crappy feeling knowing that you are missing precious hours of training but in the end I suppose it may (just maybe) work out for me.  I think that I could probably have used the time off to help with my recovery from Sat. which seems complete but then again, you never know.  So, I'm trying to to dwell on it too much.  This weekend will again present another obstacle to my training plan as Gwen and I will be out of town all day on Sat. for a wedding.  I'm planning on doing my brick tomorrow, long run Sat. morning before leaving, and on Sun. hitting the pool for one of my missed swim workouts.  Should turn out alright.

With all that being said I felt as though I needed to do SOMETHING productive in regards to triathlon so I am posting up these pictures from both the Ann Arbor Triathlon (the first 3 photos) and from the Muncie Endurathon (the last 2).  The pics from Muncie DO NOT give justice to the massive amount of rain that was coming down although in the finish line picture my crazy looking, Pat Riley hair may give a small indication as to what was going on.  Enjoy!

Above:  Sporting the Speedo on the run, bike grease all over my face. (Ann Arbor Triathlon)

Above:  Coming into the dismount area still hammering away. (Ann Arbor Triathlon)

Above:  Another pic from dismount area (Ann Arbor Triathlon)

Above:  The finish line at Muncie.  I was ready to be done as you may be able to tell. (Muncie Endurathon)

Above:  Putting the hammer down in Muncie.  (Muncie Endurathon)

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