Monday, July 27, 2009

Let the (mini) Taper Begin...

Tapering for the Steelhead ½ (this Sat.) has officially begun!  Last week was a full week of training and excluding Wed. I was able to stay on track and fit in all of my planned workouts.  The "bulk" of the hours came Fri. – Sun. and although I was glad to get some good time in, I'm also glad that I'll have a little relief as I taper this week.


On Fri. I hit the pool for a 01:10:00 workout.  I swam 3000+ meters mixing in a couple of sculling drills, the pull buoy, and a kick board… overall I was feeling good.  Over the last couple of weeks (since Muncie) my pool workouts have been easier and easier to go to.  I'm not exactly sure why my attitude towards the pool has changed but I'm good with it!  After the swim I went out for a quick 00:45:00 run.  The humidity started to get to me towards the end of the run but I was able to finish off strong.


Sat. I went out for a 04:00:00 brick workout.  I headed over to the north side of Holland (I live on the south side and normally ride there) to get a bike ride in along the Lakeshore.  It was an absolutely beautiful day for a ride.  It was probably in the Mid-70's, sunny, really low humidity, and a light breeze rolling through.  On the way out (I did an out and back) the wind wasn't really fighting me and on the way back in there was a small headwind but nothing too serious.  I rode up to my Dad's house in Spring Lake where I was given a race recap of his Grand Haven Triathlon experience a week ago.  In total I did just over 60 miles which I then followed up with a slow, but good, 3 mile run.  Afterwards we had dinner at my Mom's…


Sun. Gwen and I went out for a long run.  We ended up doing just over 12 miles together.  It was the first time that we have run that type of distance together and it made a huge difference for both of us.  It is so much easier to get a run like that in when you have someone to go along with you.  Neither of us had too much trouble with the pace or distance but by the end we were definitely feeling a little tired.  Gwen's knee has been bothering her and thankfully she bought a foam roller and has been having a lot of luck with that.  At any rate, this was a great way to end the weekend and my longer workouts heading into my taper for Steelhead.  I'm feeling good and although I'm excited about the race I definitely have IMKY in the forefront of my mind at this point.  I'm not naïve enough to take my "eyes off the prize" as far as Steelhead goes (it'll be a big workout either way) but it is hard NOT to think about Louisville at this point.  It is so crazy to me that 10 months of training is culminating and although I am confident and know that I have put the time in… it still doesn't take away the nerves.


Today I'm hoping that I'll be able to register for IMLP 2010… we'll see how it goes but wish me luck!

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