Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Headed home from the pool... only made it through 40 minutes of a 01:10:00 scheduled workout. Skipped my 01:00:00 run completely tonight.

On the bright side... Have done my workouts for the week up until this point. Tomorrow it is back on the bike so at least I have something to look forward to despite the fact I'm feeling lazy as crap right now.

Not sure what the deal is today...

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  1. I read a couple of articles, it might be long distance depression. You put all that effect into that race and after you finish the race, you come off the high of the race and you and your body could fall into a depression or funk. It happen to me after my first tri, after about a week of being on a high, all of a sudden the workouts just went flat and were rough. I dont know, but maybe its an idea.

  2. Sometimes we just feel "meh" , ya know ?